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About 230 Los Angeles Unified School District students were given new clothes, shoes, toiletry kits, backpacks, school supplies, books and a toy or game on Friday, April 19, through a program that
This is the moment a driver stopped to save a dog from being run over on a six-lane road. The video posted on TikTok shows the dog lost on the road in London as cars zoom past dangerously close to
In 2020, Jerry Fontana of Scranton, Pennsylvania, received horrible news: Doctors in Scranton diagnosed him with late-stage liver cancer. “I was very, very sick. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I
The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the box office champion of 2023 so far, but there are some upcoming movies that could rival its success. Heading into the year, Illumination's animated movie starring
Shawn Glenn had many loved ones offer to help when he was diagnosed with kidney failure, but he always turned them down. “I wanted everybody around me … to be healthy just in
The bacteria in the gut – known as the microbiome – have in recent years emerged as a focal point of scientific exploration, with their intricate roles in our metabolism, nutrition, and
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20 Most Romantic Getaways in Pennsylvania
Couples seeking a romantic getaway in Pennsylvania will find a unique array of options that span beyond (but still include) the Poconos, Philadelphia and Hershey. For instance, did you know you can
Here's some "udder-ly" good news for the day: A cow stuck in a muddy bog in Columbia County was rescued in a "cow-culated" technical effort by Mist-Birkenfeld RFPD volunteers!The RFPD says that Ruby
New York City will no longer be home to the tallest building in North America if a plan freshly approved by Oklahoma City officials stays on course. However, some residents near the site of the
A Gwinnett County yard so overgrown that the owner was nearly arrested, has now been cleared out thanks to a Channel 2 Action News viewer.Channel 2 Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Matt Johnson reported
A new class of guide dogs that graduated from a New York nonprofit organization – including one dog going to serve the organization’s CEO – demonstrates the
Worried about keeping plants alive in darker rooms? Experts have recommendations for 12 easy houseplants that don't need sunlight.
Looking to relive the rush of April's big celestial event? These are the places where you can see more solar eclipses in the coming years.
Bulan, Zara and Kirana were hesitant at first to venture out into their new enclosure at the Nashville Zoo. But within a half hour, they were busy romping around, pestering
For the viewer moved by dramatic tales of journalism and truth-seeking, captivated by the atrocities of war, or gripped by flawless execution of every technical aspect, Civil War is a must-see.
Come on, buddy. Get out. Come on. Oh my God. Get him. Grab his pants. Granny's pants. Hey, Oscar. Oh my God, let's go. What's going on? Oh my God. Move her over. Move her over. Just move her over.
For many dogs, bath time isn't exactly a happy time — especially not for my dog! She would rather be doing almost anything else than get a bath (other than get her nails clipped, her other least
Not all celebs are scandalous! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the most notable written-off actors who had huge comebacks with acclaimed performances.
Coastal seagrass beds are being revived as part of a global effort to tackle climate change. Cumbria Wildlife Trust is restoring a vast seagrass meadow near Barrow, in south Cumbria, at a cost of
These spring dresses are sure to make a statement Floral dresses are a timeless staple for spring and summer. That’s why we went digging for beautiful dresses that you can add to your warm-weather

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