With some states start early voting as soon as mid to late September, the day you cast your ballot could be well ahead of Nov. 5. Here are the start-dates for early voting in the 2024 general election, according to Ballotpedia. To navigate, click on a state to see its dates or simply scroll through the list.
President Joe Biden's decision to drop out of the 2024 presidential race on Sunday came after heavy pressure from congressional Democrats, including Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and more than 30 House lawmakers.
On the heels of President Biden's departure from the 2024 presidential race Sunday, two major Democratic donors -- Reid Hoffman and Alexander Soros -- publicly endorsed Kamala Harris as the next candidate.
Hollywood stars turned to social media to support President Joe Biden after he announced decision to not seek re-election in November against Donald Trump.
President Biden abandoned his bid for re-election today, succumbing to intense pressure from the Democratic Party in a dramatic attempt to stop Donald Trump from returning to the White House. No sitting president has dropped out of a race so late in an election cycle. Follow our live coverage.
The president endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris to continue the race against Donald Trump.
President Joe Biden announced Sunday he will no longer seek reelection after weeks of pressure from Democratic leaders concerned he would lose to former President Donald Trump in November.
Presidents eligible to seek another term have withdrawn their names before. But not this far into an election year.
Former President Donald Trump swiftly reacted to President Joe Biden's withdrawal from the 2024 election, saying his former opponent was "not fit to run."
After Biden's decision to withdraw, the Democratic Party now faces the critical task of selecting a new nominee to challenge Trump. While Vice President Kamala Harris is widely considered a front-runner for the nomination—and has received Biden’s endorsement—her ascension to the top of the ticket is not guaranteed.
President Joe Biden has announced he is stepping down from the 2024 presidential race.