Seattle learned the hard way that federal oversight via “consent decrees” mainly served to increase police budgets.
The deal will impose new work requirements on benefits recipients while protecting the spiraling pentagon budget.
Pandemic social programs were a life saver. Now conservatives want to shred what little is left after they expired.
A medical board reprimanded Dr. Caitlin Bernard for discussing her experience performing an abortion on a child.
Paxton, a key Trump ally who sued to challenge the 2020 election results, now awaits trial in the state Senate.
In the chaotic fight against historical and cultural erasure, we must remember that we, ourselves, have stories to tell.
A decade after the 16-year-old's death, allegedly due to being placed in a choke hold, his father pushes for justice.
Over $80 million may be transferred from DeSantis' old state-level PAC to a new PAC set to back his presidential bid.
Proposals to expand domestic breeding of primates for research overlook several ethical, scientific and safety woes.
Israeli settlers in the West Bank have access to PayPal, but their Palestinian neighbors are barred from the service.
We can build broad anti-fascist coalitions while blocking far right demonstrators to make clinics safe for patients.
Joe Manchin is encouraging rumors of a possible presidential run to keep Democrats twisted around his little finger.