Even so, “we need work to bring down the cost of installing heat pumps,” said a senior research engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Founder and CEO RJ Scaringe said that Rivian still firmly believes in the full electrification of the automotive industry.
Arlington, Virginia-based developer Snell Properties is in the process of redeveloping 1820 Fort Myer Drive, currently home to the Ames Center office building, into a mixed-use site with two ...
The plan calls for actions such as implementing commercial waste zones and banning certain items from disposal.
In-ground inductive chargers will power double-decker buses along a new Sound Transit bus rapid transit route.
The White House is also expected to delay the transition to electric vehicles in a revision to the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed emissions regulation.
Land-rich and cash-poor” religious institutions are among those looking at how they can meet their communities’ low-income housing needs while shoring up their finances.
Using Rubicon, cities have access to real-time vehicle and driver behavior data to enhance the safety and efficiency of street sweeper operations. This data is instrumental in improving training ...
The FDNY is testing an artificial intelligence-driven project to help emergency vehicles avoid traffic and other roadblocks on the way to life-threatening emergencies.
Transportation decisions that affect public health shouldn't be made in isolation, a former CDC official says.
The action comes as federal regulators increase scrutiny of AV ride-hailing companies’ safety measures following a Cruise incident last fall.
Local advocates credit a focus on housing, an eviction prevention initiative and efforts to target services to specific at-risk groups.