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Incrediball Hydrangea - 3 Container
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Incrediball Hydrangea - 3 Container

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Ornamental Incrediball® Hydrangea Gigantic FlowersMassive, White Mophead Flowers Grow up to a Foot in DiameterFlo…
Ornamental Incrediball® Hydrangea Gigantic FlowersMassive, White Mophead Flowers Grow up to a Foot in DiameterFlower Display All Summer and FallWinter InterestPerforms Every Single YearVery AdaptableCarefree Shrub with Few ProblemsHardy, Tolerant ShrubSo Easy to Maintain with Only One Pruning Each YearExcellent Fresh Cut Flower, Or Perfect for DryingIncrediball® Hydrangea's (Hydrangea arborenscens 'Abetwo' PP 20,571) name suits this plant well. It develops the most incredible, rounded flowers that are typically a foot across. Incrediball was selected from the classic Annabelle Hydrangea variety. It has the same nice strong stems that easily hold up those huge, mophead flowers.Incrediball Hydrangea is an easy to care for deciduous shrub, prized for its enormous, long-lasting blooms that are produced on the tip of each stem, every year. This Hydrangea would look magnificent along a walkway or by an entrance or patio where you won't miss a moment of its summer majesty.Just as the name implies, an Incrediball bloom is an incredible ball of flowers! It's hard to describe what it's like to have flowers the size of basketballs in the yard, but that's what you'll have with the Incrediball Hydrangea.Dark green, textured leaves make a superior backdrop for the dramatic white flowers that grace its branches throughout the summer months. Don't worry, the stems are especially strong, more than up to the challenge of holding those gigantic flower heads erect above the foliage.In early summer, creamy, light-green flowers develop comprised of a multitude of tiny florets. Watch in amazement as they expand to grow to gigantic proportions and transform to a bright, pristine white. Later, as summer draws to a close, your enormous flowers will turn back to a jade-green. The flower color is not affected by the soil pH.Incrediball Hydrangea is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind plant that no yard should be without. It will dependably produce masses of huge white blooms that put on a show in summer, fall and even winter. Please consider leaving the blooms on the plants for a modern boost of winter interest!This improved version of the popular flowering shrub is from the team at Proven Winners®. They field test their plants for years, so you'll rest assured that you'll have great performance in your landscape.This hardy shrub is tolerant of many conditions and will require little care from you. The incredible flowers last for months indoors, so it's even a great cut flower. All you really need is one bloom per tablescape with a little foliage added for contrast!Order yours today and get started enjoying the Incrediball blooms this year.How to Use Incrediball® Hydrangea in the LandscapeThis is a rare plant that suits both formal and informal garden styles equally as well. A single Incrediball Hydrangea makes a great specimen plant.Or, use two to flank on either side of your front entrance. Extend that concept to your backyard, too. Use a pair on either side of an entrance to a wonderful outdoor dining room. Talk about greeting your guests in style!The lovely dark foliage and the smooth round balls of flowers can be planted in romantic sweeps along the length of a garden bed. Be sure to uplight the plants with small exterior lights placed here and there.You'll love the enchanting way your garden looks in the moonlight. Incrediball is a perfect backdrop for a relaxing glass of wine with friends in the evening hours.Plant them 3 feet apart to create a solid, low hedge. You'll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.This isn't a plant you want to wrestle into a tightly clipped, contorted hedge. Instead, allow it to develop naturally into a lovely rounded plant. It grows into a uniform shape that doesn't need to be improved upon.Incrediball Hydrangea makes an excellent untrimmed hedge and shorter screening plants for use alongside patios. Create a shorter row to screen out those ugly utility boxes and air conditioner units.They can be planted in loose triangles as informal groups alongside your woodland garden or as a backdrop to your favorite perennials. Use several groupings for a wonderfully natural look. Be sure to include them in your butterfly garden.#ProPlantTips for CareThe beautiful performance of this popular variety is really boosted with a well-chosen planting site. It will do its best for you in well-drained soils that are kept moist, but not wet.Give your young plants a moderate amount of water on a regular basis. Even moisture is best for nice shoot development which will assist in making the largest blooms on your plants.Mulch the base of the plant to a depth of 3 inches to keep root systems nice and cool. Just be sure to pull the mulch well away from the stems of the plant for proper air circulation.This smooth Hydrangea variety blooms on new wood. Prune it in late winter or early spring before it starts to grow. Don't wait! You won't want to accidentally cut off any newly developing flowers once your plant wakes up from its cold winter dormancy.Each year in late winter or very early spring before the plant starts to grow, simply cut last year's stems back by at least half, or as far as just a few inches from the ground.We've noticed that a harder prune down to within a few inches of the ground can be beneficial. Stems that emerge after a harder prune seem to be the ones that make the largest flower heads.Keep out of total shade for best results. Although Incrediball does tolerate partial shade (especially in the afternoon) make sure it gets enough sunlight. It needs at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day to produce the strong stems it needs to hold up the big blooms.Our expert growing team loves these fabulous Incrediball Hydrangeas. They take great care and pride in growing, packing and shipping these top-grade plants directly from the field right to your door.Order your Incrediball Hydrangeas today! How fun, and easy, to get them delivered right to your doorstep.
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Incrediball Hydrangea - 3 Container
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